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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Today someone I once used to be very pally with randomly pinged me on Facebook. Normally I do not bother to reply to Facebook chat messages (or text messages, mails, missed calls….and now I seriously wonder how I still have people in my life who I call ‘friends’. But I digress.). But this is someone I had once decided to share an apartment with and we bonded big time over our futile attempts at house-hunting in town (err…not so much of a rookie mistake this time as a stubbornness to accept our church mouse poor state and a desperate attempt to not leave town and move to *shudders* Sion.).

But the moving in together bit did not happen since we disagreed over rent, location and logistical issues (she refused to leave town; I realized I cannot afford it etc etc.). And I chose to stay in this suffocating, minor claustrophobia-inducing, plastered-with-saffron-political-posters-propagating-distrust-of-the-north-Indian-immigrant-influx-in-this-city, cacophonous crowded urban hell hole called Dadar (which, btw I like. Call me mental but I like Dadar.)

We had a minor argument. And then we stopped talking. Or rather I stopped all forms of communication with her because I have the attention span of a 2 year old and very very limited capacity of caring.

Today she pinged me out of the blue and I was pleasantly surprised to note that the old camaraderie which I thought had effectively died that one unpleasant evening was still intact. I was happy. And immensely sad. And it is not my neurosis speaking.

It sucks to know a person your age does not hold back grudges and can sort out past issues (however trivial they may be/sound to an outsider...which in this case is you dear non-existent reader) and you cannot. It sucks to know there’s someone your age who does believe in getting in touch with people he/she once fell out with and all you do is cut people loose from your life if things do not go your way.

 It sucks to know you are not one of them.

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